WHY Combo Roof Systems

Combo Roof System is a three in one method of waterproofing, thermal insulation and roof finishing. Dubai Chemical Laboratory (DCL) approved PU Foam which provides joint free waterproofing and thermal insulation is fully bonded to the roof slab. Combo Roof System provides manufactures warranty of 25 years for any leakage. The Combo Roof System meets all the latest thermal insulation standards of the UAE. It is an assured solution for your roof. 

Combo Roof System

Combo Roof System Process

Stage 1 : Application of PU Foam

Polyurethane foam of density 45 Kg/m3 is sprayed on the clean roof-slab, this spray fits into the narrowest of cracks and edges and seals them. The foam itself takes 30 seconds to harden and form a protective insulation and waterproofing layer. The foam is sprayed in multiple layers of thickness 10-15 mm to achieve the desired thickness. 


Stage 2 : Application of UV Coat

Upon completion of PU foam application, a coat of 600-800 Microns of liquid Compact UV Protective Coating is applied to protect the Polyurethane from harmful UV radiation.


Stage 3 : Flood Test

After the UV coating has dried (min 24 hours) flood test is conducted with a water depth of 5-6 cm for 48 Hours to ensure no leaks are present in the system.       


Stage 4 : Laying Geotextile

After Clearing Flood Test of 48 Hours Compact Geo Textile is laid which acts as a puncture resistant as well as a separation layer between the Screed and the Foam


Stage 5 : Ridges

Once flood test is successful, the roof is divided into 3m X 3m Sections using Compact Flexy Board to provide slope and expansion joints to the roof. We recommend our valued customers to place a Rain Water Outlet every 100 m2.


Stage 6 : Screed Laying and Leveling

Once the Ridges are made our experienced masons lay and level the screed to provide perfect slope for a perfectly finished roof. The screed is 25N/mm2, 350 OPC, 0.6 Kg/m3 Fiber reinforced screed concrete to provide the best protection and minimal cracks. 


Stage 7 : Angle Fillet

The Skirting of the roof is protected using mortar to give a good finished look to the roof and also protect the system underneath.This is achieved in 4 layers,

1. Polyurethane self flashing edges

2. Mortar for providing a shape and strength

3. Fabric Reinforcement with bonding agent on the mortar to prevent cracks

4. Acrylic Coating to provide a final protective layer to the roof


Stage 8 : Backing Rod And Sealant

Once the screed has set Compact Flexy board is cut from the top, a backing rod is put and sealant is applied to seal the expansion joints to give the finest protection to your roof from any leaks.


Stage 9 : Final Coat

Once Angle Fillet and Sealant is completed the Roof is now ready for the final coat which is applied to give a perfect finish to the roof and increase the Solar Reflective Index roof the roof. 

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